Friday, 26 October 2012

The purchasing of Twitter followers has become an extremely popular trend. It offers the instant gratification that many people and businesses crave. When someone sees you have a mere handful of followers, they arenʼt likely to believe you have much clout (or Klout, for that matter). When you have thousands–or tens of thousands–of followers, you suddenly start to look a little more reputable.

So even if it does serve a purpose, isnʼt buying Twitter followers like paying people to hang out with you?

Actually, itʼs worse.

When you pay people to hang out with you, at least you get some company out of it. Most companies who sell followers are simply selling you spam, just empty numbers. You should want followers because you want to engage a community, not because you want to win some ephemeral popularity contest. Sure, it may look good, but in the end youʼre just talking (and marketing) to an audience of ghosts.

But it does have a place! its like when you see a crowd of people looking at something , what do you do? you go over to have a look, and its the same with twitter. The more followers someone or a company has the more interesting is appears.

This doesnt mean that you will get far with nothing but fake followers its more of a jump start, you need to then take advantage of all the new twitter followers your new found popularity will gain and then use well thought. porpoerly stratergised socail media marketing methods to grow your audience , Engage, Engage, Engage.
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