Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ar you enganging how you shoul be - Social interaction and Pormotion is key

With different methods for engaging audiences you need to understand which types of content work best on which platforms, and then do more of whatever produces the maximum result.

These sites are mostly all about your audience, consumers, or whomever you’re trying to get in touch with. Always remember that you don’t have to think like a marketer, instead think like a consumer. It’s all about exciting conversations and informative insight on how your product could be used, enhanced. How is it going to help you audience or how is what your found perfect for the type of person who might buy or use your product. You don’t always have to be an expert, you can let your consumers show you the way or invest in the help  of a external organization like WeAR , that can not only increase your audience but effectivly reply and manage the conversations across multiple platforms ensure your social media is streamlined.

While it can be tempting to simply use social media to promote your business, but your followers are not alwyas interested in promotions and contests, they also want to engage in different activities. It’s essential for small businesses to know how well they are doing when it comes to social media that includes which tweets are getting the maximum re-tweets, which Facebook posts are getting the most ‘likes’, and which Tumblr posts are getting re-blogged the most. By using WeAr you get the skills of specialist software to keep track of those measurements. That can help you recognize the likes and dislikes of your fans and then you can make your marketing campaign accordingly.

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